About Ed Blann

Ed Blann grew up in the suburbs of Manchester and Birmingham before spending a number of years moving around the UK. He now lives in Birmingham once more, where he divides his time between working behind bars, leaning against them, and occasionally writing and performing music.

  • Ed is probably 6ft 2in, but it’s been a while since he measured himself
  • His favourite films are animated, or at the very least, rotoscoped
  • His definition of Netflix and Chill involves more snacks than sex

About Eddplant

Ed started playing guitar in secondary school, aged 11, inspired by rock giants Oasis and pop prince Robbie Williams. Soon he was writing original material, which he performed as part of a band with two friends. In 2005, Ed moved to Darlington where he was immersed in the North East folk scene. This developed his playing and lyrical style, as his influences grew to include various folk and folk rock artists.

In the Autumn of 2009 Ed teamed up with YouTube collaborators and friends Tom Milsom and Alex Day to begin work on a professionally produced debut album. It was through this collaboration that saw Ed team up with Milsom, Day and mutual friend Charlie McDonnell, collectively Sons of Admirals, to release the single β€œHere Comes My Baby” in July of 2010. The single was met with great success both online and in conventional media, garnering interviews with national press.

After working with Day and McDonnell again on Time Lord Rock album Still Got Legs, performing at VidCon 2011 in Anaheim, California to 3,000+ fans, Ed refocused on his solo career, and has released two albums and several EPs and singles with accompanying music videos on YouTube, where he has close to 40,000 subscribers.

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