Five Years Later

This weekend marked the five year anniversary of my debut album, Confidence Tricks. It represented my entire journey as a songwriter and performer up to that point, and I remain immensely proud of what we achieved in recording, releasing and promoting it. It's success cemented my decision to make music the focus of my life, and allowed me to treat it as my career for the next three years.

In all that has happened since it's release, I have never lost that love and passion for making music. Now, more than two years after taking a break from my creative career, I am ready to start sharing my thoughts, feelings and innermost self through the medium that makes most sense to me.

I have written and re-written my new song, The Simple Truth (Love of Mine), countless times, and recorded and arranged it again and again - but it never felt right to share until now. The process of this rewriting, rerecording and rearranging has reminded me of my strengths and made clear the areas of this wonderful creative endeavour that I can stand to develop and grow; namely, that I am no producer (yet) and can best showcase my creativity in songwriting and performance.

So with this in mind, I have uploaded an acoustic performance of a new original song, two years in the making. I can't wait for you to hear it.